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doing 记住of表示所属介词,后面是得跟名词的,所以后面要跟动名词的

Be in charge of 主管,负责某事某物,是主动语态,如,He is in charge of this company. 但是be in the charge of也表示主管,意思都一样,但是这个是表示被动语态. The company is in the charge of him.

in charge of 意思是对...负责任,负责,of后面加负责的事物即可。 take charge of 是开始管理,接管的意思,后面接要接管的东西。 具体用法参照例句: in charge of 1、He is in charge of the school work. 他负责学校工作。 2、You are in ch...

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