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I wish I could have told about it more..这里只有你知道it代表什么,或许是感情,或许是彼此之间的误会,或许是其它一些事情。总之,就是it. 第二句,更多的是一种愿望,并不是具体的约见。如果以后有机会,才会实现的一种hang out.

紧紧抓住 伸出 坚持下去 hang for不懂

You can hang out with your good friends (buddies). 你可以和好朋友在一起玩儿。 没听说过hang out有约会的意思,都是表示跟好朋友在一起

hangout跟hang out的 区别在于:前者是名词,后者是动词性词组。 hangout 可数名词 名词 (美俚) 1 住处 (流氓等) ; 聚集处 2 常去的地方 例如: This is our favorite hangout. 这儿是我们最喜欢的去处。 It has the reputation of being a mob ...

hang out 更侧重于跟朋友出去玩的意思hang about 则相对更集中于闲逛,徘徊的意思哈

hang out挂出,闲逛 名词 hang out:a frequently visited place 动词 hang out:spend time in a certain location or with certain people 美剧常用语,意思就是待在一个地方也不干什么事情,消磨时间 例如 do you want to hang out with me just ...

1.I often hang out in supermarkets with my mom. 2.I don't want to hang out with my girlfriend. 3.Don't hang out because we have no time. 4.Her parents don´t let her hang out with these people. 5.I like to hang out with my ...

LS扯 Hang out是随便出去玩,go hang out with ur friends, mostly ur close friend Date usually means go more private occasion or go out with ur GF or BF. It's more formal. But dont have nesscarily to be GF and BF

简单来说:hang out解释为出去逛逛,出去溜溜。hang around解释为徘徊。

hang,hanged,hanged(绞死) hang,hung,hung(挂起) 应该是挂起那个~

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