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小题1:B小题2:A小题3:D小题4:B小题5:C 小题1:根据文章内容White is the symbol of purity. White is thought to be a summer colour可知答案为B小题2:根据单词的意思和语境,故选答案为A小题3:根据文章内容RedThis is the most exciting colour...

With the development of the modern science and technology,the whole world is changing into a global village.Therefore,different cultures,regligions and ways of thinking will mix up and make us new styles of living.Altough peopl...

这些单词可以组合成的句子: 1)Many colours have many different meanings in different cultures. 许多颜色在不同的文化中有许多不同的含义 2)Different colours have many different meanings in many different cultures. 不同的颜色在许...

Culture is a wide topic,different culture in different place,even in the same city,it must have the diversity of cultural in this city. As far as the culture be concerned,because of the communication.It's undeniable that people...

to 表趋向。介词,表示“对于”。 意思是:音乐对于每个人而言都有不同的意义。 = =神马固定搭配乱来的= =没有这个固定搭配。 具体to 和for的区别可以看看参考资料~ 希望对你有所帮助~~~

你好。答案是C CAN== it is possible / true that+句子

They have different meanings. 祝你学习进步 谢谢

Because different ways have different sign and will give you different life,different meaning. 翻译:因为不同的方式方法有不同的标志,将赋予你不同的生活、不同的意义。

A. 试题分析:考查词组辨析:A. takes on呈现B. puts on穿上C. carries on进行, D. gets on上车,句意:我们都知道第11届全运会的会徽有很多不同的含义。选A。点评:不同的动词和相同的副词或介词搭配意思不一样的词组。平时要注意辨别。特别...

C 句意:有时候,同一个单词意义有一点细微的差别,这让人困惑。副词修饰形容词一般前置,“令人困惑的”是用现在分词形式的形容词confusing。

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